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COVID Vaccines

COVID vaccines are now being offered by our clinic. Check your eligibility today here.

COVID-19 immunizations have started at selected medical clinics, including Dakota Medical Centre- but the vaccine is not yet available to everyone.

To help you find out when you’ll be eligible, Doctors Manitoba created We encourage you to visit the site, check your eligibility, and sign up to be notified when you become eligible. You will also get answers to common vaccine questions.

Please do not phone the clinic to inquire about your eligibility since we will not be able to provide these answers over the phone. Once you become eligible, you will be able to book an appointment online if we have vaccines available. 

As physicians, we support and trust these new vaccines. They are safe and effective, and we recommend all adults get immunized with very few exceptions.

Thank you for your patience, and please continue to do all you can to prevent the spread of the virus to keep you and your loved ones safe. This means wearing a mask when you’re out, staying six feet from others, limiting contact with others, and washing your hands frequently.