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Narrow Band Ultraviolet Light Therapy

Dakota Medical Centre is the only clinic in the St. Vital area which provide Narrow Band UVB treatment.
Patients with skin conditions which will benefit from NBUVB can now be treated much closer to their home or work.
The need to travel to a different part of the city is eliminated.

All patients are evaluated by Dr. Shane Silver / Dermatologist prior to starting treatments.
Treatments are provided under his supervision and follow-up.

Skin conditions which will benefit from Narrow Band UVB treatment are the following:

  • Psoriasis
  • widespread refractory atopic dermatitis
  • lichen planus
  • pityriasis rosea
  • piryriasis lichenoides
  • widespread vitiligo
  • renal pruritis ( renal failure / dialysis )
  • polymorphic light eruption ( only for spring time )
  • chronic graft vs host disease
  • cutaneous T-cell lymphoma ( mycosis fungicides )

If you suffer from any of these skin conditions, request a referral from your Family Physician to Dr. Shane Silver / Dermatologist for evaluation regarding Narrow Band Ultraviolet Light Therapy.